The Pai Li and Ya Li pear (First Year)
Ya Li had a few other advantages as well. In my climate, it blooms later and usually develops stronger fall colors than Pai Li...
First Year Using Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Galleriae Against the Japanese Beetle
Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae (Btg) is a bacteria that produces variations of a protein, such as Cry8Da, that demonstrate different levels of toxicity to certain species of scarab, and strain SDS-502 was recently released as a biological form of control against the Japanese beetle.
The Somerset Grape
The Somerset grape has a unique combination of traits that makes it quite easy to recommend for those who reside in the north.
Pendula: The Weeping Mulberry
During the first few years I was able to observe the Pendula mulberry, I did not care for the fruit, but once I was able to understand this tree, my sentiment towards it began to change...
Rootstock for Apricots, Peaches, and plums
Peaches that are grafted to a peach rootstock tend to have a high survival rate in nonmarginal areas, but for varieties that are compatible, plum rootstock, as well as their hybrids, generally possess one or more advantages that can help the tree survive in fairly harsh conditions.
Pear Rootstock
While they aren't always appropriate, rootstocks that induce precocity for European pears are generally recommended, since they can take a very long time to start producing on standard rootstock.
Apple Rootstock
Rootstock from the Geneva series share a number of positive traits that often make them look superior to the alternatives, but it is becoming apparent that they have a few unexpected problems.
Graft Compatibility Between Different Species
You are going to run into the least amount of problems when you graft scionwood onto a member of the same species, but it is not uncommon for those that are closely related, i.e. members of the same genus, to have some level of compatibility ...
Grafting Series
An introduction to grafting using one of the most informative video series available as well as my own personal experiences.
Birdhouse Experiment: The Insectivorous Western Bluebird in two Californian Vineyards
... They also noticed that the western bluebird fed on mosquitoes, a previously unknown prey that was found at a higher frequency than anything else, and that less than three percent of their diet consisted of predatory insects ...
Asian and American Persimmons in North America
Persimmons are one of the easiest fruit trees you can grow in North America. Not only are they relatively pest and disease free, they awaken from dormancy late in the season, which allows them to frequently avoid frost damage in the unstable climate that is commonly experienced on this continent ...