The Somerset Grape

The Somerset grape has a unique combination of traits that makes it quite easy to recommend for those who reside in the north. It is the only seedless variety that can handle temperatures around -30F and it ripens earlier than the others, too. In my relatively cold Dfb climate, the first sizable batch was harvested on the 20th of August this year, and since I like to try grapes at different stages, there was still a decent amount left by the end of the month. Even then, none of the other varieties in the area were ready yet, but Frontenac Gris was getting close.

Somerset has a unique flavor as well. It is often said to be similar to a strawberry, and while I can confirm that this is accurate, it is not like a fresh strawberry. It is more like those that have been processed, similar to what you would get on a pancake or a crepe, but this grape has much less acidity. I would not consider the strawberry flavor to be the most dominate though, but it is surprisingly close. Overall, I think it is quite good, and while there are others that I prefer, none of them ripen as early as this.